RPA Labs provides a full-service solution in robotic process automation for companies in logistics and supply chain that are buried in emails, documents, and inefficient processes.

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Full-Service Software Bots

Already built and ready to go, tailored for logistics and supply chain.


Reduce your cost per shipment expenses


Eliminate the manual, mundane work for your workforce


Offer a faster, better experience for your customers


Streamline your organization and workflow

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Conversation Automation

Provide instant notifications to your customers via email, mobile apps, websites, and more.


Document Automation

Analyze 100% of your documents and integrate with any legacy system


Invoice Matching

Automate invoice reconciliation. Bill customers, process invoices, and manage vendors.


Workflow Automation

Automate processes within your workflow, such as email notifications, reminders, escalations, and more.


System Integration

Beyond APIs and EDIs, software bots can bridge the connection between vendor and customer systems.

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Our Software Bots

Already built and ready to go, our software bots are tailored for logistics and supply chain. View our full RPA Bot Catalog to find a software bot that best fit your needs

Rippey the Robot

Conversation Bots

for logistics

Requests for quotes, sailing schedules, tracking, and more can be provided to customers within seconds - without human intervention.


Document Bots

for logistics

Migrates data from shipping instructions, BOLs, packing invoices, and other documents.

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Workflow Bots

for logistics

Initiates interactions with your customers and processes within systems

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No developers, no coders, no consultants needed.
Our Logistics focused software bots are already built and ready to go.

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