Document Automation

In the transportation industry, the amount of paperwork, documentation and correspondence required to move a shipment can be enormous.

Whether your company is a domestic freight broker, an international freight forwarder, an ocean carrier or a trucking fleet, you probably rely on your employees to do data entry, document processing, shipment tracking and invoicing. Handling all these tasks – in addition to providing good service and communicating regularly with partners and clients – can be dull, time-consuming and cumbersome for your logistics company.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to do much of this work. RPA Labs’ Document Automation allows for seamless system-to-system interaction with a no-code interface. Migrating data from shipping instructions, BOLs, packing invoices, and other documents has never been easier.

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Common Document Automations Include

  • Categorizing documents from vendors and place them into the correct system folders
  • Reading various forms of documents to verify all information is present - typed and handwritten
  • Extracting data fields from documents and move them into a system - without employees re-keying data
  • Receive API's from outside sources and populating data into a system