Freight Forwarders

With the rise of competition and digital offerings, it is becoming more difficult to meet the profit margins needed to grow in the freight forwarding industry.

Forwarders are facing increased pressure to:

  • Become digital (warp speed!)
  • Offer a better experience to the customer
  • Grow the business with more jobs completed per person
  • Commit less mistakes

Customers are also getting more demanding - asking their vendors to move faster, answering their requests without waiting. Instant notification and gratification is becoming the standard.

RPA Labs realizes that "doing more with less" is the holy grail to growing the business.

At RPA Labs, we intend to improve your organization's productivity and efficiency and cut costs though our Robotic Process Automation technology.

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RPA Labs provides custom solutions to Freight Forwarders

  • Categorizing documents from vendors and place them into the correct system folders
  • Reading various forms of documents to verify all information is present
  • Extracting data fields from documents and move them into a system - without employees re-keying data
  • Reminding parties to submit documents before the alarms sound
  • Creating exception management process by moving milestones into Salesforce
  • Receiving API's from outside sources and populating data into a system
  • Automating spot quotes - responding within 2 minutes with no employee intervention

Recommended Products


Document Processing Bot

for freight forwarders

Reads and extracts data from emails, documents, SFTP, or HTTPS and then migrates the data to any system.

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Email Response Bot

for freight forwarders

Reads emails from customers and automates a response back within 30 seconds.

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