Invoice Matching

RPA Labs’ Invoice Automation solves one of the biggest bottlenecks in Accounts Payable departments and unlocks greater efficiencies down the line, all the way through to invoice payment.

90% of invoices don’t match their initial quotes. More than 30% have significant differences. These errors lead to employee hours spent searching through your systems correcting the mistake, or can even slip through the cracks all together - negatively impacting your bottom line. RPA Labs’ software bots can process, deliver, pay, and archive all your invoices quickly and without errors, fully integrated with your existing finance/ ERP/ procurement solution.

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Streamline your exception management and dispute resolutions processes with RPA Labs' Invoice Automation and you can achieve:

  • Reduced manual oversight on invoice processing
  • Improved cycle times
  • Increased accuracy
  • Fewer instances of lost invoices
  • Prevention of duplicate invoices and payments
  • Clear insight into the status of every invoice

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Email Response Bot

for invoice matching

Reads emails from customers and automates a response back within 30 seconds.

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Document Extraction Bot

for invoice matching

Reads and extracts data from emails, documents, SFTP, or HTTPS and then migrates the data to any system.

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Freight Invoice Bot

for invoice matching

Reads invoices and verifies the amounts in your system. An exception report can automatically be produced.

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