Text Automation

RPA Labs’ Response Bots combines machine learning and natural language processing to automate conversations with your customers. Common questions can be answered instantly through text/SMS - within seconds.

Repeatedly, research shows more than 75% of customers buy from the company that responds first. Sales conversions are even higher if there is a response within the first minute. Instant response times, like those provided by the Response Bots, give companies an edge over their competitors, leading to more wins and happier customers.

By reducing manual time spent answering online inquiries, key staff members are able to reclaim countless hours each week to focus on developing new business strategies and personalizing customer experiences

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RPA Labs' Response Bots bridge the connections between text/SMS and legacy ERP, CRM, and accounting systems.

Requests for quotes, sailing schedules, and tracking can be provided to customers within seconds - without human intervention.

Automate requests for quotes, schedules, tracking, and more:

  • Interpret texts/SMS and provide instant solutions to your customer
  • Create auto responses based on inquiries
  • Provide auto reminders and follow-up messages