Conversation Automation

RPA Labs’ Response Bots combines machine learning and natural language processing to automate WhatsApp conversations with your customers. Common questions can be answered instantly and are compatible with information from any system.

Repeatedly, research shows more than 75% of customers buy from the company that responds first. Sales conversions are even higher if there is a response within the first minute. Instant response times, like those provided by RPA Labs WhatsApp Automation, give companies an edge over their competitors, leading to more wins and happier customers.

Provide your customers with real-time updates and start leveraging WhatsApp to increase your revenue. Start using automated messages in WhatsApp and keep your customers updated with:

  • Order Confirmations
  • Quote Requests
  • Shipping Confirmations
  • Sailing Schedules
  • Tracking Information
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Use Cases Include

Alerts and Notifications

  • Use WhatsApp messaging to reliably send critical messages from quote requests to booking confirmations and delivery alerts.

Customer Support

  • Enable sales and support teams to answer customer service questions